Conference announcement: COST Action QG-MM Second Annual Conference – October 2021

I am co-organizing the following meeting, which will be held In October in Corfu (Greece):

COST CA18108 Second Annual Conference

This is the second Annual Conference organized by COST Action CA18108, an initiative funded by the COST Association, aiming to enable researchers from different communities of quantum gravity theorists and phenomenologists and gamma-ray, neutrino, cosmic-ray and gravitational-wave experimentalists to learn about each other’s work and cooperate on the goal of developing new strategies for testing candidate quantum gravity theories using multi-messenger high-energy astrophysical observations.  

It will be possible to attend in person in Corfu (preferred mode) or to follow the conference online. 

The conference will be accompanied by a topical Special Issue on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and Multi-Messenger astronomy in Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG), which will be edited by members of the QGMM Cost Action. We invite all participants of our second annual conference to contribute to the special issue with original research papers which meet the topical criterion. The focus issue will open for submission for 6 months after the conference (with some flexibility).