I am interested in cosmology and quantum gravity. My research aims at developing testable models of gravitational interactions and of quantum spacetime, and use cosmological observations to assess their viability.

I have been working on a broad range of topics:

  • cosmology: cosmic microwave background physics, dark energy, quantum effects in the early universe, observable predictions and tests of inflationary and non-inflationary models;
  • quantum gravity: quantum gravity phenomenology, Lorentz symmetry violations, quantum groups, noncommutative geometry.

In recent years I especially focussed on connecting quantum gravity and primordial cosmology.

Specifically, I have been investigating the impact of Planck-scale physics on primordial perturbations, in both inflationary and non-inflationary models. The kind of phenomena I have been studying encompass violations of Lorentz symmetries, Planck-scale dimensional reduction, departures from parity invariance and from absolute locality. The aim is to make testable predictions concerning observable signatures of quantum gravity in the cosmic microwave background and the gravity-wave background.

On a complementary line, I have been developing the theory and phenomenology of quantum spacetime and its symmetries. I have been focussing on models based on quantum-deformed (Hopf) algebras and non-commutative geometry. These entail the introduction of deformed relativistic symmetries and a deformed concept of locality, which becomes observer-dependent. In this context I am particularly interested in understanding the interplay between curvature and Planck-scale quantum effects, which is relevant for the physics of the early universe.

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