This is  a list of preprints posted on arXiv and not yet submitted for peer-review (or currently under review). A list of published papers can be found here.

  1. Interplay between spacetime curvature, speed of light and quantum deformations of relativistic symmetries
    Angel Ballesteros, Giulia Gubitosi, Flavio Mercati
    arXiv:2110.04867 [gr-qc]
  2. Fuzzy worldlines with κ-Poincaré symmetries
    Angel Ballesteros, Giulia Gubitosi, Iván Gutierrez-Sagredo, Flavio Mercati
    arXiv:2109.09699 [hep-th]
  3. Conserved charges and quantum-group transformations in noncommutative field theories
    Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Giulia Gubitosi, Flavio Mercati, Giacomo Rosati
    arXiv:1009.3264 [hep-th]